The Types of Keywords You Use in Your PPC Campaign Guarantee its Success or Failure

PPC Advertising SEM  The Types of Keywords You Use in Your PPC Campaign Guarantee its Success or Failure

Do you have a service-based or product-based business?  That is the root question you have to ask yourself when choosing keywords for your pay-per-click campaign.  The reason why you ask yourself this question is to determine whether you need “informational” or “transactional” keywords.  

What’s the Difference between Informational and Transactional Keywords?

PPC Advertising SEM  The Types of Keywords You Use in Your PPC Campaign Guarantee its Success or Failure

Transactional keywords are best when you have a service-based business.  Think using a search phrase that would result in an “action.” An action could be anything from a click, a call, or even a form a person would fill out.  To get the best keywords, put yourself in a searcher’s shoes; you need to understand exactly why and how they would search for you. For instance, if someone needs an “emergency plumber,” that is most likely the search term they would use.  Alternatively, they could use “plumber” if it wasn’t an emergency.

An informational keyword, on the other hand, is a term a user would search in order to find out more information on a subject.  If someone is looking for a plumber to fill an urgent need, what are the odds that she would type in the phrase, “plumbing”? It is probably not very good.  “Plumbing”, in this case, would be an informational keyword. Someone searching for “plumbing” might be interested in a DIY project, a company review, or even a job.

Why are Informational Keywords Valuable?

Are informational keywords important to a PPC campaign since they do not necessarily lead to a sale?  Yes, they are. Advertisers that are selling products need informational keywords because they help provide more details about the products they are selling.  In a PPC campaign, informational keywords usually do not result in a direct purchase since users are essentially in a research mode when coming across the advertiser’s ads.  However, informational keywords can lead to a purchase, as long as the landing page or product page of the advertiser is compelling enough to generate a sale.

What Kind of Keywords Do I Pick if My Business Sells Products?

The most important keywords to pick are the ones that closely match the products that you sell.  If you sell cosmetics and specifically lipstick, the keyword “lipstick” would make the most sense.  Users might be searching for lipstick application techniques, or even homemade lipstick recipes. However, by creating the most compelling ads with a product page or landing page that is also engaging, then your sales should be on par with transactional keywords.

Ultimately, whether you are using transactional keyword or informational keywords, the goal is to maximize sales.  It’s important to be mindful that informational keywords may take another step or two in the sales process to show a conversion. Therefore, you should be very careful with the keywords you choose (and monitor them continuously) so that you can keep your costs low and your sales revenues high.

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