Google, Facebook, and Instagram are Ramping Up for the Holidays

Digital Marketing  Google, Facebook, and Instagram are Ramping Up for the Holidays

Originally published when I worked at an Atlanta Digital Marketing Agency.

The holiday season is approaching at warp speed, and the social media platforms are trying to give advertisers a competitive edge when it comes to e-commerce sales. Google, Facebook, and Instagram are updating their interfaces in the prelude to the holiday shopping seasons. Here are some of the trending social media stories in the news this week.

Google Shopping Gets Updated to Further Compete with Amazon
Google made several announcements this week that shows much improvement in its users’ shopping experience. The new changes include an update to the mobile interface that makes navigating better, easier ways to upload product information, and voice search has now been enabled for e-commerce. A recent survey showed that shoppers preferred Google’s main competitor, Amazon, to Google Shopping because of the variety of products available. Google hopes these improvements elevate sales through its platform.

Twitter Launches Insights Campaign to Give Advertisers Real-Time Marketing Data During the Holiday Season
The #HolidayIsHappening will be making the rounds this year. Twitter has unveiled a campaign that lets advertisers adapt their campaigns in real-time based on behavioral data from the Twitter Universe. “These insights will include the hottest gifts, the most talked about brands of the week, top Tweeted emojis, and most mentioned hashtags, spanning across various categories, such as gadgets and toys, auto, fashion, entertainment, and food and drink.” in a recent post from @TwitterMktg.

Facebook Launches New Ad Tools for the Holidays
Facebook’s new “Dynamic Creative” tool will automatically create variants of a single ad that an advertiser creates in order to test which ads perform better and improve sales conversions or clicks. The tool allows for up to 10 photos or videos and 5 different bodies of text (body copy, titles, etc.).

The social media giant also developed “Custom Placements” to allow the editing of each ad depending on which channel the ads are running on. For instance, you can now tweak your ad on Instagram so that it will fit that audience while having a different version of the ad in the main Facebook Newsfeed.

Year after year, e-commerce and online advertising continue to increase company’s sales, and each of these online platforms is competing through these types of improvements to make sure they will be a major part of those marketing plans.

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