25 Million Businesses Are Now on Instagram

Digital Marketing  25 Million Businesses Are Now on Instagram

Originally published when I worked at an Atlanta Digital Marketing Agency.

Businesses are benefitting from social media developments every day as elements like Facebook messenger, once used to communicate between friends, now enters the mix as a major asset for brands. It’s one of the social media trending stories this week.

Facebook Messenger now available to businesses for Live Chat

Companies no longer need a brick and mortar presence to sell products or services, and since websites operate 24/7, many users expect customer service also to be available 24/7. Facebook executives hope that Messenger’s Live Chat will become part of a company’s customer service toolbox. Messenger will remember chat conversations by customer. If that person initiates a dialogue on one device, like a smartphone, but then moves to a desktop, the Messenger platform will continue the conversation without having to restart the thread. Studies have shown that customer chat apps can increase sales by as much as 45% so this is expected to help increase company sales revenues as well as Facebook engagement.

Instagram announces 25 million active business profiles

Digital Marketing  25 Million Businesses Are Now on Instagram

Facebook-owned Instagram announced it now has 25 million active business profiles, an increase of 66% over its last announcement in July. The platform also announced that 80% of its 500 million active daily users follow at least one business, and 200 million users visit a business profile each day. Facebook launched business profiles in May 2016. The growth of business profiles is expected to continue in 2018, while Instagram continues to add features to improve user experience.

Snapchat can identify elements in your photos and suggest filters

Snapchat now recognizes pets, food, and places and will recommend an appropriate filter to use when framing the photo. Object recognition is a part of a larger marketing effort where it will ultimately be able to form ads around those images. For instance, pictures of someone’s dog may illicit ads for pet food or accessories. In partnership with Google, BMW is already using augmented reality to sell cars.

How can your business benefit from these new changes?

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