Facebook Lookalike Audiences Increasing Sales Growth by 50%+

Digital Marketing  Facebook Lookalike Audiences Increasing Sales Growth by 50%+

Originally published when I worked at an Atlanta Digital Marketing Agency.

Facebook Lookalike Audiences Increasing Sales Growth by 50%+

Businesses are capitalizing on their existing customer base to increase their sales revenues, and they are succeeding in a big way. It’s one of the social media stories in the news this week.

New Twitter “Threads” Creating Longer Form Content

To support longer form content since Twitter doubled its character limit to 280, the platform has now released “Threads.” “Threads” is a form of content where individual tweets are strung together and sent out as a single batch. This gives users a better form to string individual tweets together and allows followers to identify and follow a single stream of thought. A “Thread” will remain collapsed in the news feed and will have to be expanded by clicking on, “Show This Thread” for the user to read everything.

Facebook “Lookalike” Audiences Doing Great for Businesses Over the Holidays

Digital Marketing  Facebook Lookalike Audiences Increasing Sales Growth by 50%+

An old feature on Facebook is coming back very strong over the holidays after recent tests are showing that revenues can increase in upwards of 50% by using Facebook’s Lookalike Audiences. Facebook developers designed the Lookalike Audiences to predict who a customer might become from an existing customer list. Once the file is uploaded to the Facebook Business Manager, Facebook cross-references it against the customer’s Facebook profile, likes, and interests to generate a new list of prospects who show similar behaviors. Facebook is using Lookalike Audiences in the same way it tries to increase friend connections by asking a user if they know someone who happens to be a friend of someone you already know. This feature is only available for products and services using country based targeting.

Post Office is Caught Off Guard as E-commerce Continues to Explode Year After Year

Usually, the sending deadline to have packages arrive in time for Christmas is December 19th, but the date has been moved forward this year to account for a significant amount of items being ordered online from customers. Amazon will choose the best possible carrier to deliver packages and in most cases that is the US Postal Service. The surge in the volume of packages is causing delivery delays. As more people realize they can order products from the comfort of their own home, and they do not have to go to a crowded shopping mall, e-commerce growth will continue to accelerate.

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