New Facebook Ad Types Are Doubling Sales and Cutting Costs by Half

SEO Strategies  New Facebook Ad Types Are Doubling Sales and Cutting Costs by Half

Originally published when I worked at an Atlanta Digital Marketing Agency.

Facebook has created ads designed to increase user engagement that has created an advertising perfect storm which lowers advertising costs as well as significantly increasing sales. It’s one of the social media stories in the news this week.

Facebook Collection Ads Outperformed Video Ads 9 to 1 in Recent Test

SEO Strategies  New Facebook Ad Types Are Doubling Sales and Cutting Costs by Half

Facebook initially launched its ad network with just image ads, but as videos began to be responsible for a more significant amount of searches, video ads started showing better conversion rates. Collection ads are a combination of both and let the user browse an ad with almost a “landing page” vibe. When the ad is first shown to the user, they will be able to navigate the ad by watching videos or viewing related products. In a recent experiment, one company spent $177,000 and generated $1.2 million in sales. Major brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Adidas, and cut their costs by as much as 40% while doubling or tripling their sales ROI.Phone Capture – Dollar Shave Club

Snapchat Testing Ads Making Users Wait to View Content

While it seems that Instagram has borrowed every cool feature from Snapchat, it’s no secret that Snapchat’s ad platform has been playing catch up. In what looks to be a new way to increase ad revenues, Snapchat will require users to wait 3 seconds before utilizing content on the app. This appears similar to how YouTube insists viewers wait through an ad before their selected video appears. So far, there is no additional information as to where within the app the ads will be shown, but the money is that it will interrupt a users’ story as it plays for someone.

Instagram Adds Commenting Directly From the Photo Feed

It’s not necessarily convenient to comment on an Instagram photo, but the platform is making it easier to do so by rolling out a new option that will pop up a comment box if you are looking at a photo for more than a few seconds. The feature, which some Instagrammers saw in their apps about a week before Christmas, is first being rolled out to iOS, and then subsequently to Android. By simplifying the way to comment on photos, it should help to continue Instagram’s growth amongst users.

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