LinkedIn Providing More Information to Job Seekers; Will it grow channel?

Digital Marketing  LinkedIn Providing More Information to Job Seekers; Will it grow channel?

Originally published when I worked at an Atlanta Digital Marketing Agency.

LinkedIn is hoping that a bolstered job board will bring more users, and more importantly more frequent users to the platform. It’s one of the trending stories in social media this week.

LinkedIn Introduces Salary Insights

Digital Marketing  LinkedIn Providing More Information to Job Seekers; Will it grow channel?

LinkedIn is bolstering its job platform by overhauling its LinkedIn Salary tool and introducing Salary Insights. The new feature will take positions listed on the platform and provide a salary estimation for its millions of users. LinkedIn says it Salary Insights will give users more control over salary data, while also diminishing the number of steps, and websites, it takes to get a clear picture of the job and the salary. Read more about the new feature on LinkedIn’s Blog. Will this new feature make the business social platform the clear-cut number one source for job searching?

Google Launches Messaging App Just for Smart Replies

There are only 24 hours in a day, and social media companies are trying to take as much time for themselves as they can. Smart replies started to appear in Facebook Messenger as well as Gmail about six months ago as a way for people to shoot off quick responses to simple questions and avoid having to type out an answer. One button can reply with a response such as “Yes,” “No,” “I’m busy,” “Thank You,” etc. Google is now testing an app that adds smart replies to everything. Cleverly named, “Reply” the app is expected to be compatible with Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Slack, Twitter DMs amongst other programs. Automated features will be included such as being able to send a “Do Not Disturb” message while you’re driving for example as well as being able to send a reply only after receiving notification and never having to open a messenger app.

Twitter Increases Livestreaming with Breaking Local News Broadcasts

Twitter has been walloped with the accusations of fake news, so they came up with the idea of live streaming breaking local news next to the timeline. The idea is to pair the local event that is streaming with the live commentary provided by Twitter user tweets. This will allow users to judge for themselves what is happening and will also remove the stigma of fake news that has been plaguing social media lately. Twitter announced that the live stream of the recent Parkland Florida School Shooting had 50,000 concurrent viewers as they were watching the incident unfold.

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