3 Ways to Boost Your Brand Engagement on Instagram

Digital Marketing Social Media Marketing  3 Ways to Boost Your Brand Engagement on Instagram

In recent years, Instagram has become one of the most used platforms to share images of our life. From soothing sunsets to the delicious cousins and outstanding landscapes, it continues to mesmerize us with how creative and lively our world is. As much as it provides us a personal space to stay connected with our family and friends, Instagram is also of critical importance to global businesses both small and big alike. Like all social media platforms, it also provides us with ways and means to increase the reach of our brands, and connect with current and potential customers who are happy to start a new relationship.

Digital Marketing Social Media Marketing  3 Ways to Boost Your Brand Engagement on Instagram

Instagram’s advertising revenues have risen to $6.84 billion in 2018, showing the astronomical potential it has when it comes to digital marketing and adverting your predicts. However, there are consistent changes to the Instagram search algorithms and the way posts occur in chronological order in our feeds. Hence, it is important to be aware of the unique ways through which you can not only increase your traffic but also increase future revenues and customers. 

1 – Adjust your content as desired

There are a variety of ways through which you can display your content on Instagram. The first and most obvious is the use of videos and images. The other is to leverage IGTV, and the short stories feature that Instagram provides. Although there is no actual formulae or ratio on how to divide your content between images and videos, you should continue to monitor your data on where the comments are the highest. Live videos are best for brands that have hundreds and thousands of users, while many small businesses will prefer story comments, and conversations to engage their customers. You can have weekly IGTV videos or daily stories to interact with your customers and viewers.

2 – Understand the Dynamics

Whenever you post a video or image, it is incomplete without appropriate captions. It is important to include relevant hashtags, mentions, and description if you wish to engage your viewers. Although the caption limit is 2,000 words, the posting algorithm tracks the time spent per post and ranks them for ads accordingly. Because writing Instagram captions is hard, take your time, open your heart, and provide accurate details. Additionally, post on a regular basis and stay creative. Lastly, use story stickers and provide follow-up results to any question you ask. The most used stickers are a slider, question or polls, countdown, locations, and music.

3 – Schedule Your Instagram Stories 

Your posts will attract users only if they are shared with the right audience at the right time. Using Instagram Insights can be a good start. If you are new, the trick is to understand when your posts are viewed the most. Share three to five stories and images every day, and slowly find a pattern that suits your users. You can either post daily, bi-weekly, or even weekly depending upon your business or brand. After a pattern is visible, always post at the same time, and seek user participation by adding stickers and comments.

Always give importance to data and what is it trying to tell you. Let your viewers know that you have something new and amazing for them ready and their interaction is appreciated.

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