Smart Ways to Generate Leads using Facebook

Digital Marketing  Smart Ways to Generate Leads using Facebook

Facebook continues to grow and attract new active users. As of 2018, it has around 2 billion users who visit the website either daily or weekly basis. With 2 billion users and a thriving platform, it provides small, medium and big businesses and advertisers with the chance to shine and attract new customers on a recurring basis. Although Facebook has many ways to advertise using its ad campaigns to boost your reach, creating leads through organic means on the platform still needs relentless work and smart actions. With constant changes to Facebook algorithms, here are some smart ways to create a better experience for your viewers and redirect your users to your products and services.

Increase your Conversation

Digital Marketing  Smart Ways to Generate Leads using Facebook

If you wish to increase your leads, you will have to increase the retention rate of your customers. Like any other website, your Facebook page should have quality content and look attractive, rather than generic. Also, engage in relevant conversations across all relevant groups and pages if possible. It doesn’t mean you intrude other product pages, but be helpful and serve as a shining light to those in need. When a customer sees value in your advice, they will visit your page, leading to an opportunity for you to benefit from. It also creates a sense of trust and creates lasting relationships that are better for the return on investment you did on ads.

Investing in Remarketing Campaigns

Remarketing is one of the best ways to benefit from lead generation process. Remarketing involves tagging your visitors across different websites, including the social media websites that they use. So when you see an ad about the pair of shoes you were just checking on Facebook or Amazon appear at a random website, that’s remarketing. In Facebook, remarketing is also known as custom audiences, while the concept remains the same to show your visitors with relevant ads on their timelines. There are a few ways to leverage this:

  • Customer lists are a way to interact with a list of contacts by showing them targeted ads just like you would do with email marketing or personalized messages. 
  • The second way including inserting Facebook Pixels on all of your relevant websites, and targeting visitors between certain time periods. If your users are searching for books, the pixel will direct them to relevant book based ads when they use their Facebook.
  • App activity based remarketing is often used by established businesses, who provide discount codes and offers to visitors based upon their shopping cart and history.

Using Action Content

Facebook can be the go-to place for many of your fellow customers and businesses. Sharing your best content on it such as blog posts, product reviews, and how to content can help increase leads and generate interest. You can always use your Facebook posts to redirect customers to your pricing page, check-out page, webinars, and in-app purchases. However, ensure your content is easy to consume, colorful, and interesting. Be accessible to them, and use vibrant colors to attract your customers.

Finally, keep it simple. Every customer is looking for ways to make their life easier, and your Facebook page should reflect it.

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