Automotive Social Media Fundamentals Every Beginner Should Know!

Automotive Marketing  Automotive Social Media Fundamentals Every Beginner Should Know!

If you learn just one thing about digital marketing it will be that Automotive social media marketing is no easy task. With multiple aspects to take into consideration, automotive social media marketing might even be more tedious than the actual automotive dealership itself.

To a beginner, automotive marketing might seem extremely daunting from a technical standpoint. Well, you don’t need to worry about breaking into the digital automotive world anymore. Here is an article that deals with all the basic tips to help you engage with a diverse audience, along with brand building.

#1- Adhere to a strict posting schedule:

After you’ve signed your brand up to all of the major social media platforms, create a tight schedule of posts for each of these platforms to build a presence for your automotive dealership. Usually, the preferred number of posts is one post on each of the platforms you’re using.

Automotive Marketing  Automotive Social Media Fundamentals Every Beginner Should Know!

Moreover, try to maintain consistency in the content that you’re posting. An example of this would be to devote a day to post pictures of a new car walk around on a particular day of the week. Dividing up the days of the week to post specific content also allows you to feature an arsenal of engaging posts, which in turn establishes trust amongst customers.

#2- Create dynamic and informative posts!

While creating posts for your automotive dealership, think of yourself as a car salesperson rather than a social media marketer. Come up with a short and engaging pitch about the product and try to pack in as much information without being preachy/

One of the most significant goals you need to achieve with your social media posts is to inform and engage your audience. Try to devote a minimum amount of posts per week to product promotion, and use the remainder of your posts to educate your audience about your brand, it’s vision, and the mission you set out to fulfill.

Moreover, you can increase the legitimacy of your dealership and branch out by including informative videos on your social media channels.

#3- Consistency is key!

Perhaps the most common rookie mistake you can make is to forego consistency and have your social media content differing across various platforms. If you’re posting an educational article on Facebook, make sure that you’ve shared the same article across Twitter and Instagram/

Furthermore, train your staff and establish a strict social media policy to ensure that your staff is on the same page as you. A consistent brand image is essential in creating trust amongst any prospects and customers and should be implemented vigorously!

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