Tips to Keep in Mind while Email Marketing

Digital Marketing  Tips to Keep in Mind while Email Marketing

Perhaps the most successful type of outbound marketing techniques used by businesses is email marketing. With statistics depicting 75% of adults viewing emails as their communication method of choice, email marketing could result in a massive boost in sales when done right.

To demonstrate the success of email marketing in the world of automotive dealerships, several statistics reveal better return on investments, along with increased customer bases among dealerships who practice email marketing.

Digital Marketing  Tips to Keep in Mind while Email Marketing

With that being said, email marketing is also the most common and to ensure that your email doesn’t end up in the recipient’s spam folder; you need to keep several tips in mind. To help our readers modify their email marketing strategies to reap the most profits, here are some tips to remember while driving a successful email campaign.

#1- Have a list of relevant people to send your emails to!

The most crucial step businesses can take to have a lucrative email campaign is to have a relevant list of people to send emails to. After you’ve shortlisted some essential names, make sure that you update your inventory regularly with accurate information on prospects and customers likewise. However, the most critical thing that needs to be kept in mind while maintaining an email list is that they needed to be modified frequently!

As an alternative to creating an email list from scratch, several email lists are readily available for purchase. However, as a responsible business owner/ marketer, do your due research and ensure that the third-party provider has provided you with quality contacts.

#2- Try to keep your emails mobile-friendly

 With an increasing number of people using their phones to open emails, make sure that your emails are responsible for mobile devices. Usually, when an email isn’t mobile-friendly, it ends up in the spam folder or gets deleted by the recipient.

A simple way to ensure that the email you’ve sent doesn’t end up being buried amongst many others, perform a test, and send the email to various platforms to confirm that it works. Moreover, doing a test drive will also enable you to view the email with a critical eye and resolve any shortcomings or vulnerabilities.

#3- Integrate triggered email algorithms into your emails:

An efficient of boosting the results of your email campaign is to integrate certain key elements within the email you send. Most of these elements rely on customer behavior as a means to increase investment returns and increase revenue per email.

Creating dynamic emails that automatically adapt to the interest of the recipient, and include content directly relevant to them such as their birth dates and names. The success of triggered emails can be felt when we take into consideration that they usually have a 70.5% greater click-through rate, than the conventional “spammy” email.

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