All You Need to Know About Google Analytics

Digital Marketing  All You Need to Know About Google Analytics

Although Google has become synonymous with the word “search”, as in “Just Google It” when in reality you might use another search engine.  Google offers other tools to its users as well. One of these is called Google Analytics.

Basically, Google Analytics provides users with essential information about their business. There are several advantages of having such information at your disposal.

Digital Marketing  All You Need to Know About Google Analytics


Google Analytics is important because of how it empowers its users. For instance, they can use the data to evaluate how well their website is doing based on the number of visitors it attracts. If they are marketing their services or products, they can gauge if their effort has been fruitful or not.

Similarly, utilizing Google Analytics can allow users to better understand how they should focus their content and how to divide their customers into various segments. Website pages can also be optimized to bolster conversions.


First and foremost, you need to sign up for an account with Google Analytics. Once you have your login details, you should install a JavaScript tracking code on each page of your website.

Simply put, this is a basic code that enables you to accumulate data anonymously. Details like how many users visit a particular page and how they interact with it can be obtained using the JavaScript code.

Such data is collected by Google Analytics and sent to users as a report, using filters based on different criteria. For example, if you want to find out what device the visitor used to access the website, this can be achieved. You can apply filters and alter the settings to acquire the data you deem important.


To make the best possible use of Google Analytics, you should pay attention to the layers of the platform. This will only serve to improve your marketing effort. For one, the accounts in Google Analytics mean that users can organize how data is collected and they can also modify user permission levels.

Secondly, each account on Google Analytics employs one property that contains a unique tracking identification. This can be found in the JavaScript tracking code on the website.

In addition, Google Analytics users can have several properties in one account. This means that they can collect information from not just the website, but other sources like a mobile application too.

Furthermore, users on the platform can utilize multiple views as well. You can configure settings in the views tab and this changes how the data is shown.

The accounts, properties and views features discussed above can be accessed from both the Google Analytics homepage and the account interface as well. Basically, the Analytics dashboard is typically comprised of four tabs. These are home, reporting, customization and admin tabs respectively.

Basically, what the aforementioned details indicate is that Google Analytics is a comprehensive and effective tool. It gives users the ability to acquire data and convert it into useful information that can improve their decision making.

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