Gaining Edge through Digital Marketing in Automobile Industry

Automotive Marketing Digital Marketing  Gaining Edge through Digital Marketing in Automobile Industry

For many consumers, buying their first car is a dream. They look for the best car that suits their budget or needs, in combination with long term value and resale prospects that can protect their investments. Hence, as a dealer or manufacturer, it is important for you to attract customers using the right marketing channels. Digital marketing in recent years has gained speed and like the most fuel-efficient cars around, seems like the right choice for you to attract buyers.

Understanding Digital Marketing

In recent years, consumers have become more reliant on using their mobile devices to search for their next car. Although the actual sale occurs at the dealership, customers do extensive research online such as fuel efficiency, engine specifications, technology, and comparisons to assess if the car is the best fit for them. Moreover, it has also happened at times that customers have preferred buying a car that is either the most sold, or the most popular brand amongst friends, neighborhood, or on the internet. Therefore, as a dealer, you should be aware of the trends in the digital sphere and how to take advantage of them.

Known Digital Marketing Tools

Digital marketing is more than just posting pictures and prices about a brand of automobiles on Facebook or Instagram. It is about building up the brand, its positive attributes and how it will add value to the lives of their buyers. Cars are a symbol of art and complex ingenuity, and every buyer will look for value propositions that suit their lifestyle and needs.

Following channels can be leveraged to market automobiles:

  • Car reviews both written and in video format that highlight interior and exterior features, speed, engine specifications, technology packages, and long-term resale value.
  • Use of specialized images posted on social media and prominent automobile websites and blogs with appropriate landing pages and search engine optimization (SEO) tools to increase the ranking of your websites as per generic and specialized keywords.
  • Increasing brand reputation using positive reviews, feedbacks, and events.
  • Seeking celebrity endorsements and influencers for an Instagram photoshoot.
Automotive Marketing Digital Marketing  Gaining Edge through Digital Marketing in Automobile Industry

Benefiting from Digital Marketing

Digital marketing for all industry provides a variety of benefits. For the automobile industry, it is the first experience a customer will have with their dream car. By using the right digital marketing channels, dealerships, modification shops, and manufacturers can make the buyer decision-making process easier. Some known benefits include:

  • Digital marketing is usually cost-effective, yet highly effective when launching new automobiles.
  • It can help reach potential customers beyond borders and geographies where the brand operates.
  • It provides vital statistics on the interest generated through comments and likes.
  • It provides for a way to celebrate milestones and achievements.
  • It can help reach niche customers such as those who prefer vintage, or highly customized or exotic cars.

Using the right content, and channel can give brands and dealers a prominent edge over their competitors while providing a way to reach more customers than traditional marketing platforms.

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