5 Digital marketing Data Analytic Tools to make Informed Marketing Decisions

Digital Marketing  5 Digital marketing Data Analytic Tools to make Informed Marketing Decisions

The end result of all digital marketing campaigns is to increase return on investment (ROI) and maximize user engagement. Data analytics in every industry plays a critical role in ensuring that customer patterns and habits are understood, and resources are directed towards the most effective channels. Data can open a host of ways in which users can be approached. Knowing what operating system users use, or the time they open your content or website can make a huge difference in making informed future marketing decisions.

Amongst the many digital marketing analytical tools present, here are a few notables that can help you make the most profitable digital marketing strategies.

Digital Marketing  5 Digital marketing Data Analytic Tools to make Informed Marketing Decisions

Google Analytics

Google analytics is one of the easiest to understand and the most powerful data analytics tool present. It can be applied to a variety of webpages and social media accounts. Google Analytics can help you setup Goal IDs to track individual segments, analyze the performance of landing pages, review individual channels and platforms such as leads generated through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or your own website, and helps distinguish between organic, referral and direct traffic. The tool is free, has extensive online guides, and has a proven an increase in ROI for businesses. 


It is highly likely that you may not have heard about Piwik, but it serves as a viable and equally powerful alternative to Google Analytics. The tool is completely free and can help you create customized user activity reports based on location, source of traffic, and the device or operating system used to browse your content. Piwik is used by small businesses and large enterprises alike. The paid version of Piwik is used by multinational enterprises and government agencies to analyze user data and traffic nodes for privacy and regulation purposes.


HootSuite Is another powerful data aggregation and compilation tool that can help track what your audience is saying about your products, monitor social media content performance, and identify the best choice of content to engage customers. It provides a direct way to respond to social media posts from the tool itself, and analyze real-time movement in user interest.


For digital marketing campaigns that rely extensively on email marketing to increase the business audience. This automated tool can help promote products using a one-time broadcast feature, has over 700 signup form templates and product response emails, while creating automated emails. Although the tool isn’t free, the paid version can provide powerful data analytics on the click-through rate, email bounce rate, email to sales conversation rates and the exact time emails were read.


Oribi can help track not just computers, but mobile applications too. it is for digital marketing teams and managers who want targeted marketing results. Oribi collects hundred percent user data profiles from the day its code is embedded in a website. It can provide analytics based on main channels and their respective click-through rates and conversion rates, and the time spent on specific user action. It collects and shares all of the data automatically without any manual modified code.

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