Why Should You Keep Yourself Updated Regarding Google Mobile Search

Digital Marketing  Why Should You Keep Yourself Updated Regarding Google Mobile Search

With more searches originating from mobile devices than desktops and laptops, it’s perfectly understandable why Google has been striving to improve the relevance and results of its Mobile Search.

Over the course of recent years, the Silicon Valley giant has made several efforts to enhance its mobile search, the most prominent ones being the emergence of ‘Promoted Pins’ and ‘Pigeon Update,’ along with emphasizing mobile-friendliness while ranking websites.

Digital Marketing  Why Should You Keep Yourself Updated Regarding Google Mobile Search

Keeping in mind Google’s efforts to improve the mobile users’ experience, it is high time for individuals to harvest their efforts in increasing the usability of their site from a mobile device and stay updated regarding the latest modifications made in the Google Mobile Search.

To help our readers understand why keeping in the loop regarding the Google Mobile Search is essential, here are a few of the most important reasons:

#1- Enables website developers to make changes accordingly

 For a site owner, and the person marketing it, the foremost priority lies in ensuring that the site generates qualified traffic. Since more and more people are using Google search installed on their phones, website owners need to look for techniques to create more mobile traffic.

Furthermore, website owners should keep their eyes out for the smallest change in the ranking algorithms, so that website developers configure new settings to help their website rank higher. Additionally, these changes being made in the ranking algorithms help improve the mobile-friendliness of a site and assist customers with the intent to make a purchase solidify their decision.

#2- Your website generates more quality traffic

With mobile apps such as Google Maps, you can try out features such as Promoted Pins to make your business stand out, by making your brand’s logo appear on Google Map. Moreover, website owners can use an arsenal of mobile ad extensions, including but not limited to, click-to-call adverts, site links, and location extensions.

Integrating these extensions into your website generates quality traffic from much more diverse sources, which in turn renders an increase in sales. Keeping in touch with the latest modifications made in the Google Mobile Search Engine allows the site owner to use particular mobile search extensions to appeal to a greater audience.

#3- Site visitors get to enjoy a user-friendly interface

Perhaps the most critical aspect of configuring your website to Google’s mobile-friendly ranking algorithm is that it exposes site visitors to a user-friendly interface. Along with feasibility in browsing, with the integration of a mobile search keyword, visitors can find exactly what they came searching for.

Moreover, website visitors can make purchases more confidently since they start associating particular keywords with a brand, which is also lucrative in building brand awareness.

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